Jan 31 11

A Quick Introduction…

by Emily Benjamin

Welcome to my photography blog! First time blogger, long time reader 🙂

I’ve put this site together to capture the best of my travel experiences as my partner Jamie and I travel the globe. In February 2011, Jamie and I leave Brisbane for a 7 month round-the-world trip, taking in Asia, the Middle East, UK, Spain, South America and North America. For the next several months, this blog will serve to show many of my favourite photos from our travels, but don’t be surprised if you see a few other photos pop up as well. Among these might be some of my favourites photos from home, as I get nostalgic and miss my nearest and dearest while travelling. You’ll almost certainly come across photos of my beautiful Border Collie, Benny. I haven’t left yet, and I already miss him.

Through my travels for work and pleasure, I found myself picking up the camera at every opportunity to capture the best that my surroundings had to offer. For a number of years, this was mostly the sunrises, sunsets, palm trees and white sandy beaches of North Queensland – in particular, Mackay and Cairns. In 2009, I spent 5 weeks in Europe with my Dad, and upon returning with 1200 photos and recognising my love (ok… obsession) with photography, I realised I best upgrade my point-and-shoot for a new dSLR.

Of all the possible genres I can think of, travel and landscape photography interest me most. This makes the impending seven month holiday even more exciting – so many new countries, climates, cultures and customs to absorb and be absorbed in. And hopefully, with my trusty Canon 60D in hand, there’ll be a few memories on this blog to savour once the holiday is over.

After more than a year of planning, but now we’re less than two weeks from departure and the excitement is truly setting in. I’d like to say it’s the ‘experience of a lifetime’ but that would be resigning myself to the thought that we’ll never get 7 months off like this again! Here’s hoping there are many more trips like this to come.

I hope you enjoy my website, and don’t forget to check back regularly for new posts and photos from our world wide adventures!

– Emily.

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