Mar 18 11

Mui Ne

by Emily Benjamin

Mui Ne was another nice surprise. When we arrived, my immediate question to Jamie was ‘Why would anyone pay top dollar for Fiji, Vanuatu or another island resort when you can stay here, for a tenth of the price?’ For the thrill seeker, there is surfing of all different varieties – kite and wind included – or sand dunes to take yourself away to another land at sunrise. Hire a scooter and navigate the windy roads down the jagged Vietnam coastline, dodging locals and livestock alike. Or just stop, relax, and enjoy the sublime water, the warm breeze, the sun lounges, palm trees and cool cocktails. No matter what, two nights will not be enough. Make more time for Mui Ne.IMG 8652IMG 8712IMG 8764OutputIMG 8793OutputIMG 8606

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  1. Great pics Em. Absolutely brilliant. All of them. Jeez I wish I had a smidgen of your talent. If that was the case, I’d consider myself an artistic genius. Awesome.

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