Mar 22 11

Mekong Delta

by Emily Benjamin

The Mekong Delta needs to be seen to be believed. In my mind, it was a quiet stretch of river, used by locals to buy and sell small portions of fruits and vegetables for their weekly groceries. In reality, it is a huge expanse of rivers and tributaries, home to thousands of people, and the portions of fruit and vegies aren’t small. Twenty kilograms are the standards, as we were advised, and I love apples, but I didn’t need that many! Besides the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables, the delta is where most of the rice in Vietnam is grown. And given that Vietnam is the biggest exporter of rice for two years running, that’s a lot more than a cup or two of rice for dinner!IMG 8882IMG 8918OutputIMG 8990OutputIMG 8931OutputIMG 9019Output

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