Apr 12 11


by Emily Benjamin

Jaw-droppingly awesome. Absolutely surreal. Petra is surprising, spectacular and amazing. From the moment we arrived in Wadi Musa, the view of the orange mountains in the distance called to us, and we rushed down the hill to enter Petra for the afternoon. We spent five hours in there with a guide on the first afternoon, but it only took an hour to realise that this is the most amazing thing I’ve seen on the trip so far. Within two hours, I was wondering if it might be the most unbelievable sight I’ve seen, ever. Fortunately we allowed more than just an afternoon for the area, and had the next day to explore. My words will never do it justice, but hopefully this set takes you on a journey of Petra, and you can see what took my breath away.IMG 0758Output1Output12IMG 0849Output10Output9IMG 1101Output14IMG 0888Output6IMG 1026Output3IMG 1249Output7IMG 0962Output5Output8IMG 1266IMG 1276Output13IMG 1278Output11IMG 1373IMG 1401

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  1. Bridge says:

    Em these are amazing! Can’t believe how beautiful Petra is…

  2. Cristina says:

    Absolutely surreal! Couldn’t agree more!
    And the quality of your photos has reached national geographic standards, in my opinion!
    Thanks for sharing – and keep them coming 😉

  3. Derek says:

    These are amazing. I check your site all the time waiting for updates. I agree with Kiki that you should send a few of to NG as amateur pics, with a description of how you accomplished them. As from reading other posts your not using any heavy editing techniques, which is a rare thing these days. Hope all is well and plese let me know if your going to Moroco.

  4. Cristina says:

    Derek also reminded me that Indiana Jones and the last Crusade was filmed in Petra – and I recognized the Canyon of the Crescent Moon in one of your photos!!! Brilliant 🙂

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