Jul 7 11


by Emily Benjamin

Santiago was a chilly 3 degrees when we landed, but although the following days remained cold, the weather was sublime. Clear skies gave us the view of the mountains that I had hoped for, surrounding the entire city. The best view of the mountains was from San Cristobel, with the sun setting over the expansive city within the valley. Back down the mountain and the streets are filled with trees, colourful graffiti and locals – there was almost always a table of rowdy students drinking at midday, playing their guitars and harmonicas. For two days we walked around the city, mostly through the centre of town and Bella Vista, accompanied by locals, tourists and hundreds of stray dogs. Friendly stray dogs, though – they are cared for by the locals and in winter, offered jumpers and blankets to stay warm. To keep warm ourselves, we sampled honey roasted peanuts and hot dogs layered with tomato and guacamole. At night, we rugged up some more and enjoyed the night life, with steaming cazuelas and sweet but terrifying terramotos. I was sad to leave Santiago (especially at 3am for our flight to La Paz) but I’m sure I’ll be back.

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