Jul 10 11


by Emily Benjamin

Unlike most tourists visiting Bolivia, we didn’t get a chance to see the Salt Flats, Death Road or the Witches Markets. On paper, that may seem like a bit of a fail. But time was short, and so was our breathing, so we stayed in for a few days to acclimatise and adjust to the altitude. First up was 3 nights in La Paz, which literally took my breath away as we came to the edge of the valley from the airport. It looked like a tiny town, spread out as far and wide as the mountains would allow, with snow capped peaks in the background. We then made our way to Copacabana on the edge of Lake Titicaca, for one night before starting our tour into Peru. Copacabana was small but colourful, with our first view of the world’s highest navigable lake. Now, rested and adjusted to being 4000m above sea level, we are almost ready to take on our 16 day tour of Peru.

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