Jul 12 11

Puno, Uros and Taquile

by Emily Benjamin

I couldn’t believe we were in Puno already. We had been arranging our tour of Peru for almost a year, through Adios Adventure Travel. For the record, they have been amazing – creating a tailor made holiday for us that includes all the big sites, dates and locations that we requested, and lovely, knowledgeable guides. I can’t recommend them highly enough. And it’s only been 4 days so far! Our first stop was in Puno, approximately 4 hours from Copacabana in Bolivia. Here we got a quick tour of the city before a delicious dinner, and an early night to prepare us for the next day – a full day out on Lake Titicaca. In the morning we visited the reed islands of Uros, and were ‘welcomed aboard’ the floating home to 10 local families. The sun was warm but there was ice on the seats – I can only imagine how cold it must get out here during the night! By lunch, we were on Taquile, taking a short trek around the island before a delicious local lunch. It was a full, awesome day, and a great start to our time in Peru.

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  1. Daddo says:

    Wow! Sensational photos. The colour pic of the guy with the mandolin is an absolute killer. Love it. And the boat on the lake; and the three shots of the kids. And especially the hanging gizmos.

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