Jul 20 11

Machu Picchu

by Emily Benjamin

I knew nothing of Machu Picchu until about 5 years ago, when a friend of a friend mentioned a holiday there. I remained completely ignorant of this mysterious Incan empire amongst the mountains until planning this trip, but quickly realised this may be paradise for a photographer. When the sun shines you can see for miles, with the sun hitting the terraced edges and creating dark mysterious shadows. Or get up early and see the mountains in mist, with early morning sunshine trying desperately to pierce the thick cloud. Sigh. Sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it? It was. Absolutely gorgeous, and so worth the long walk and early starts. Oh, and a hint to anyone intending to visit – ask your guide to have you at the Sun Gate by the afternoon, and Machu Picchu itself for the following morning – it was a real treat to avoid the crowds!

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  1. Awesome photos Emily. Among the best I’ve ever seen!

    • Woah, thanks Jacquie! I think I can credit Adios Adventures with some of that – our guide Juvenal had us there at the perfect times of day, to avoid all the crowds. Absolutely amazing! 🙂

  2. Sue T says:

    Goodness Emily, all those walls, you must have been in heaven. Tremendous photos … as usual.

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