Jan 13 12

Best of 2011

by Emily Benjamin

In every way, 2011 was an amazing year. Jamie Talbot and I travelled the world, visited 15 countries, and met countless inspiring people. We spent time with our families and friends in Australia and England, and made new friends everywhere else. Eight months on the road was revitalising yet tiring, but we’ll never forget the opportunity we had to take the such a huge chunk of time off work, pack up our lives and travel, free of worry, debt and responsibility. The trip brought us even closer together, too – so we got married at the end of it! And now, we start 2012 with a new home in San Francisco – overjoyed at what 2011 brought us and excited to see what’s ahead in 2012. Here are my favourite memories from the year on the road.

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Oct 22 11

Our Engagement!

by Emily Benjamin

So much has happened since I last posted on this blog. As I write this, the last entry is from mid July in Peru – and it is now October and we’re in Australia, celebrating our Engagement! That’s right – I’m making an honest man out of Jamie Talbot 🙂 We are back in Australia for just a few short weeks before we head back to San Francisco, where we spent a wonderful month in September getting to know the city. While there, Jamie was so incredibly successful with his job interviews, and has accepted an amazing position with a company there. We can’t wait to head back to the USA to start the next part of our lives together, but before all that, there was enough time in Brisbane to catch up with friends and family for a fun celebration. A friend of mine was around to take photos for the evening, so all credit for these photos goes to Luke Brown – thanks, Luke! It was a fantastic night, and one with some awesome memories. Thanks to all our beautiful friends that could make it – we’ll see you again soon!

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