Sep 30 13

Abbotsford, Canada

by Emily Benjamin

Jamie (Brit) met Jo (Aussie) and Trev (Canadian) in Japan (!) about seven years ago, where they were all teaching English together. Jo & Trev were kind enough to invite us to celebrate their second wedding in Abbotsford in June this year, having already been legally married in Australia a year or so before. This Canadian wedding was a chance for Trevor’s extended family to celebrate with the couple, along with all the international friends the couple had made over the years. After a short ceremony with rings and vows, we all gathered for a delicious feast, some fabulous speeches then an epic dance party! While there, Jamie and I stayed in this absolutely beautiful bed & breakfast and were totally looked after by the doting hosts Leslie & Ramsey. Before heading back to San Francisco, we stopped by Golden Ears Provincial Park en route to Vancouver to enjoy the perfect summer weather. Overall, it was such a relaxing and fun-filled four day weekend with friends!Montage1 Montage2 Montage3 Montage4 Montage5

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