Jul 15 11


by Emily Benjamin

Cusco was once the home of the Incan Empire. A long, deep valley, filled with red-roofed houses and uneven, narrow, two-way streets.┬áIt’s here in Cusco that the Sacred Valley begins, at the end of which lies one of the new seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. But before we started our trek into the Andes, we had a couple of days here to eat some local cuisine (guinea pig) check out some Incan sights (Sacsayhuaman) enjoy a festival or two in Plaza San Blas and get sorted pre-trek (thank you to my massage therapist at Encantada Boutique Hotel, I feel much better!). All in all, Cusco was a really delightful place with lovely people, fabulous weather and lots to see – and we will surely visit again.

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