Apr 16 11


by Emily Benjamin

Our last stop in Jordan. We had three days in Madaba, but almost all of these photos were taken in the last twelve hours. I think I must have been photoed-out after the time in Amman, Petra and Wadi Rum. But Madaba was colourful, warm and welcoming, from start to finish. And clearly it had lots to offer – floating in the Dead Sea, relaxing by the pool at Mariam Hotel, a Middle Eastern music festival, a surprise glimpse of the World Rally Championships, an almost free camel ride and one of our best Jordanian feasts at Haret Jdoudna – all in one place.IMG 1837IMG 1892IMG 1913Output1IMG 1946IMG 1948IMG 2094Output4IMG 2026Output3Output2Output5IMG 2244IMG 1928

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